Who are we?

Chasing23 mission is to build respect and unity among young people in Chicago. Darius was inspired to build Chasing23 after the tragic death of his mentor and friend Wayne “Chase” Drummer. Wayne loss his life at the age of 23. The number 23 represent greatness. Chasing23 is the pursuit of a holistic life.

What we do

We provide community and support for chicago's most determined youth.

Our Programs

  • Mentoring

    Chasing23 Mentoring Program is an intensive, year-round, multi-component best practice model that invests in cohorts of teens. Chasing23 Mentor who interacts with youth 3-5 hours a week for a year.

  • Social Entperise

    South Side Prints is a full-service creative agency social enterprise providing quality service to its clients while providing job training and paid work experience for Chicago disconnected youth. South side prints provide clients design, apparel, and marketing services.   

  • Civic Engagement

    We bring together young people and adults in a community to accomplish a commmunity benefit project